In Preparation for Amurrica

I don’t recommend going to see Enron, a play about corporate corruption in America, two days before returning to the scene of the crime. I made that mistake tonight.

I oscillate almost daily between wanting to leave the U.S. the moment my Tarheel blue mortarboard leaves my head and wanting to stay and fight the very issues that often make me feel like a stranger in my own country.

Fortunately, if anything, as much disgust as I experienced witnessing conniving executives equivocating to their hapless employees, I experienced even more of a desire to go back and incite change. I have to. I must. I cannot stand to live in a place that inspires award-winning, critically-acclaimed plays about its depravity.

So I suppose I’ll come back simultaneously feeling really loved and really irritated. But take it or leave it, that’s me at my best.


7 responses to “In Preparation for Amurrica

  1. America can’t wait to have you. Rather, I can’t wait to have you. Well, I’m really excited for you! We’re going to make an encounter happen sooner rather than later. I need to hear ALL ABOUT London over a meal that we either 1) eat at Weaver or 2) cook together. Can’t go wrong. Lots of love!

    • Yay! I would love to come to the city this summer, but I’ll have to make it a quick trip.

      Will you be back in Chapel Hill at all before you depart for London? I’m happy to tell you all about this lovely city, and I’m going to write a guide for your reference.

      We definitely ought to cook together (and, let’s be honest, go to Weaver Street as well), especially after you find out what I just won!

      • AH! You WON! That’s so exciting! Now we’re required to cook. And yes, I’ll be in Chapel Hill in August 🙂 Very, very excited.

  2. My dear niece, Just to let you know you’re not the only one frustated/mad about what’s going on in the gulf and who caused this chaos. But we have to fight to keep America strong…and remember, all countries have problems. Look forward to seeing you soon…have a safe trip home.

    • You’re right. But just because every country has problems doesn’t mean we can’t set a precedent by solving ours! See you soon!

  3. And if really you can’t stand the American way of thinking the world, you’re very welcome to come live in France (where everything is perfect, as everybody knows…)

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