No Love for the London Zoo

I went to the London Zoo today. I enjoyed spending time with my lovely friend, but I found myself getting increasingly infuriated with the hypocritical propaganda plastered around the zoo. Everywhere we walked, signs were meant to appeal to our consciences, asking us what we were doing to Save the Rainforest and offering advice on eating sustainably. It seems to me that when you are actively promoting Nestle products at your organization, you revel in rainforest destruction and human rights violations. Because that’s what Nestle excels at, and by selling the company’s prominently-branded ice cream-like confections at every cafe, the zoo is effectively endorsing those actions.

Let me explain. Although Nestle recently agreed to cut off palm oil suppliers who destroy the rainforest, this plan will take until 2015 to go into full effect. So, in the meantime, it will continue to invest blood money into corrupt suppliers, assuming that the company actually follows through with its commitment at all. And let’s not forget how Nestle actively advertises its infant formula in developing countries, where poverty and an unclean water supply practically guarantee that formula-fed babies will suffer from malnourishment and their mothers will sink deeper into debt from formula and additional healthcare costs.

Are you bothered by your blatant hypocrisy? What the hell are you doing to save the gorillas and related species, besides ensuring that their natural habitats reach such a state of devastation that they must all be confined to zoos?

Hey kids! Eat this ice cream and support me and my friends' extinction!

Go ahead and put a big ole X over this picture, 'cause animals and breastfeeding interfere with Nestle's profit margin. Thanks, London Zoo, for providing fodder for a blog post and a summarizing image.

So, needless to say, I am displeased with the London Zoo, which they will learn when I send them a super-charming WTF email in the next few days.


6 responses to “No Love for the London Zoo

  1. Good for you! thanks for informing us

  2. you have to show me that email!

  3. Michelle (from SAIL)

    HAHAHA Meghan, I “lol”ed at your comments about the ice cream… I would think the same thing … I hope you continue to have an incredible time over there in Europe!!

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