Food ‘n’ France: Day 3

Two Thursdays ago saw us continuing our epic loop around France. We began, of course, in Toulouse.

On our way to the Basilica of St. Sernin. Even when we weren't admiring monuments, you can see that I had great-looking people to admire instead.

Basilica of St. Sernin

Then, we headed farther south towards the Pyrenees mountains, almost getting south of the border. That’s also around the time that it started to snow. Yes, that’s right, snow. In May. As a result, we weren’t able to go to this ambitiously-placed monastery (St. Martin de Canigou) on the side of a mountain. We missed spectacular views, or so I’ve heard. But I still managed to get in a few good photos.

We were right on the French/Spanish border here. It was raining in France and sunny in Spain. Naturally.

Here's St. Michel de Cuixa. We saw the other half of this abbey in NYC at The Met, saved from destruction lovin' Nazis. This half has basically been rebuilt.

There were donkeys and this view outside of our hotel in Prades. Le sigh.

We ate dinner at Le Jardin d’ Aymeric. Quite a simple dinner, but a whole lot of wine flowing. Fortunately, there were only a few other people in the restaurant. ‘Cause we were LOUD.

Shrimp bisque with some sort of French take on an egg roll. Any excuse to use more fat, right?

Lamb with a veggie casserole (See how it's encased in zucchini? There's beauty in the details.) and a side of mashed potatoes

Chocolate cake with coffee sauce. Good, and I don't even like coffee.

We stumbled back home around 11 to rest up for day four, where we began our journey north. Stay tuned.


One response to “Food ‘n’ France: Day 3

  1. You were so close to my land!!!!

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