A Meal to Remember

At last. A post about my dinner at Troisgros, my first foray into the world of 3-Michelin-star dining, my first real marathon meal (twelve courses, five hours). I think I’ll let the picture-and-caption combination do the talking for me.

The place setting when we first were seated. This plate must have been for aesthetic purposes only, since I never got a chance to eat off of it.

Mackerel with a rosy gelatin base (I think it contained vinegar). My least favorite, but fortunately the food only improved from there.

Gnochettis stuffed with artichoke and topped with smoked sardines

Pea mezzalunas and lil' baby forest mushrooms

Fried frog legs with a tamarind satay. Much, much better than chicken.

Poached sandre (type of fish)

A "dialogue" between duck and shrimp. This dish was my favorite. Let me tell you, birds and shellfish can have some great conversations, especially post-mortem.

Veal with some kind of nut sauce

Then we were forced to choose between all of these cheeses to create THE ULTIMATE CHEESE PLATE.


Thinly sliced rhubarb surrounding raspberry somethin-somethin (sorbet? cream? liquid gold?) with a crunchy tarragon base

This little number was presumably for tiding us over between dessert courses. I did not need tiding, but I ate some of each anyway. The sesame gingerbread man and the marzipan-coated gingerbread man were the highlights.

A "sublime" chocolate tart with a side of pear and pear sorbet. The description was apt, to say the least.

Our final course involved black currant jelly, milk, and caramel (and an act of God or two). The jury's still out on what the white sheet-like topping was.

And that’s it. The ultimate in fine dining in fourteen pictures. I have more to say, as always, but feast your eyes on this food porn for now.


5 responses to “A Meal to Remember

  1. This is the best…I’m so envious. I’ve never had any meal that had a 5 star rating! You are soooo lucky.

  2. Oh my God!! Everything looks so amazing!!!

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