Festival of FOOD

Just another foodie day. Ludivine and I went to the Real Food Festival and ate so many samples. Of real food, obviously. The highlights included a chocolate tasting and a really cute Mother’s Day gift that mother will receive when I come home. The emphasis on organic, local, thoughtfully-created food made me so happy. I feel like the concept is finally taking hold in many people’s consciences. It gives me hope.

The only aspect of the festival I found strange involved the random livestock the organizers scattered in enclosures around the exhibit hall. There I was staring at a wee little lamb while probably eating his older brother’s flank on a skewer. That along with the cloying smell of hay and manure is not conducive to maintaining one’s appetite.

We were pretty psyched about the tasting.

The BEST chocolate was this gem--filled with sea salt caramel. My mouth still feels spoiled.

This concept just seems dangerous and potentially hilarious.


One response to “Festival of FOOD

  1. Haha i love our pictures at the chocolate tasting… it was just AMAZING!!!

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