Happy Birthday Justin & Kelsey!

I remember asking for you. I got it in my head that I wanted “a brother and sister that are twins.” No compromises. One of each or else. For my birthday, for Christmas, no other gift would do.

Expecting you to conform to gender stereotypes, I wanted a girl I could dress up like a doll and a boy I could wrestle with. The best of both worlds.

And then, a year or so later, our parents quite literally delivered. And then there were three. You didn’t do much at first, but you were mine. My special request, the best gift I could have ever received. (And quite possibly the reason I still believe to this day that I can get whatever I want from life, as long as I ask nicely.) I became the Big Sister overnight, the babysitter, the diaper retriever, the fun committee chair, the spokesperson.

Today, you’re turning 16. You’re practically grown-ups, and yet somehow I still see you as I did in the images below. Please forgive me for that. You will always be my babies and I will always want to pinch your cheeks and protect you.

Oh hey, Aryan babez.

Kelsey still makes this face all the time. It's my favorite.

At the same time, I realize that you don’t need my protection any more. So just know that you can come to me for whatever else. I’m so proud of you both. I love you and will see you soon.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Justin & Kelsey!

  1. Mom Prichard

    Ahhhhh….I think we will repose that picture of Justin and Kelsey when we go to Myrtle Beach. Times they are changing.

  2. Love that Kelsey face! LOL I can see why it’d be your favourite! 😛

  3. Aww Meghan, thank you(: My birthday card from you just came in the mail and it’s adorable. I didn’t have time to look at this blog before, but it’s really sweet. I’ll make sure to make that face at you as soon as you get off the plane to North Carolina. I love you!

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