A Big Plate of Butt-Kicking

Today I took advantage of one of the many free gym trials I have signed up for in preparation for France. (And in preparation for my subsequent physical recovery after eating too much in France.) Gyms here are expensive yet plentiful, so I’m going to a different one every few days until I exhaust my options and my body.

Having heard the hype surrounding Power Plates, I decided to try working out on one with a designated Power Plate specialist. In case you didn’t know, Madonna and J. Lo both own one, increasing their credibility and cost substantially. The machine is basically a giant, vibrating plate that is meant to force your muscles into doing 40x the work per exercise, which makes every movement count more, allegedly. It also helps your brain become violently reacquainted with your skull.

I think it works, based on how my muscles are aching right now, but I’ll have a full report tomorrow. I can definitely see these machines being useful in jump-starting a weight loss campaign, preparing for a wedding, or serving as fodder for comedians. I still think a better idea would be a power dinner plate, which burns calories off the food before consumption.

I am no closer to resembling either of these people.


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