The Five Stages

I’m one week away from France.

I’m also terrifyingly close to the end of my time here. The thought is difficult to process, much less write about.

Last semester, a friend told me that studying abroad involved five stages, or one per month. Month one involves sheer terror fading into homesickness and regret. Month two involves finally getting one’s feet wet. Month three involves Making the Most of It. Month four involves fully taking charge and owning the experience.

Month five involves wondering why you ever wasted time feeling the way you did in month one.

I am a textbook example of the five stages of study abroad. See earlier posts for evidence.

I am now working on crossing off London tourism goals from my bucket list. Tomorrow night: seeing a play at The Globe Theatre. I get to be a real groundling, although I doubt I’ll be allowed to bring in rotting vegetables to throw if the performance of Macbeth is not up to my standards.

Getting arrested and thrown into jail is not on my bucket list.


4 responses to “The Five Stages

  1. Oui, viva la France!!! I want to hear all about it. I spent 2 days in Paris…not long enough, and would love to see the countryside, especially the wine district, Giverny and Provence.
    Bon Voyage, mon amie!!

  2. I guess you will have to have twice the fun to make up for month one.

  3. Of course it won’t be up to your standards, Lady Macduff!

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