My Five Star Night

Yesterday I hopped on a bus, and twenty minutes later I was vacation in the city I’ve lived in for four months. The weather kept us confined within the hotel’s walls, but what a divine confinement it was. Complete with free food and drink and great company.

The worst aspect of sleeping in these beds was having to leave them.

Oh hey, champagne and chocolates and a note from the manager.

View from the room. This verdant setting brought to you by an absurd amount of rain. This photo represents yet another calm before the storm.

Just hanging out in the VIP club lounge, noshing on wraps and meat skewers, custard and cookies. And drinking from these really cute mini bottles of Jack Daniels and Bailey's.

Buffet breakfast the next morning at The Maze Grill, a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

I keep experiencing these brief forays into living like The Other Half. I can’t say I mind. Someday I’d like to be a resident on that side of the fence and not a serendipitous migrant.


3 responses to “My Five Star Night

  1. I feel so sad to be back to my stupid small bed and where is the free champagne?????

  2. Ahhh that’s so cool!! So jealous!!

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