Back to Germany: Munich

Pretty church in the center of Munich

These human statues were everywhere.

Bus tour shot!

A view of the rathaus (town hall) from above

More views from above

Gorgeous palace on the outskirts of Munich

Scott drank all two liters. Incredible. I have no such endurance.

The Hofbrauhaus is apparently the most famous beer hall in the world.

I really adored Munich, which isn’t evident by my mere eight pictures, but there are so many I should have taken, but didn’t. Particularly of my hostess, Irmi, who is my great-great cousin’s wife. Where was my great-great cousin Norbert, you ask? Well, the day I was leaving for Munich, I got an email from his daughter saying he fell and broke his neck, so they’d have to cancel. Considering my flight was leaving from Munich (before I knew the volcano was out to ruin my plans anyway), I told them I’d have to come and find somewhere else to stay.

One ten-hour train ride and corrected email later, I learn that Norbert had actually broken his hip. Something was lost in translation, fortunately. And Irmi let me stay with her while Norbert remained in the hospital. Despite the language barrier, we had an amazing time and even received a six day bonus on my stay. I don’t really know how to express how much I enjoyed living with her. The family’s generosity extended far beyond familial obligation, especially since our relationship is quite distant. As much as I regret not being able to go to Portugal, I so value the relationships I formed in Munich. I honestly cannot wait to go back.

8 responses to “Back to Germany: Munich

  1. Leadershape reunion yeahhh

  2. So who is this Scott character?

  3. Oh okay…just checking. Doing that mom thing.

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  5. Justin Prichard

    Can u get a pic with Norbert and Fredrick, so i can see what my family from germany looks like

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