Back to Germany: Hamburg

Perhaps you’re familiar with my horror stories from last time I was in Germany. (If not, I’ll be sharing them tomorrow.) Well, this trip delivered a whole different set of misadventures, but I am willing to forgive a country so devoted to good bread and the native land of half my ancestors. I love Germany for many other reasons as well, but alas, that too is another blog post.

Last time, my trip involved Berlin and Heidelberg. This time, Hamburg and Munich. I visited with cousins in both places–one cousin, Andre, is studying in Germany for the year, and the other cousin, Norbert, is actually of the great-great cousin variety and has lived in Munich his entire life. Here is the Hamburg half of my trip in pictures:

Immigration Museum (Hamburg is a major port, and it is the city my great grandmother left from.)

Then I went to a pop art exhibit all about Andy Warhol and others. A portion of the exhibit was devoted to porn, although I have yet to understand why. I found the pictures and videos completely gratuitous.

Combining fruit and pudding and cake is always a good idea.

The first night in Hamburg, we went to a carnival that was basically the NC State Fair, but without the rednecks.

View by the lake--did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined?

Even though it was barely 60 degrees, there are beaches set up along the river for people who wish they lived on the coast.

Old alleyway, featuring Andre's friend Mona

Thursday night we went to the red light district of Hamburg, with a main street that features fast food restaurants alongside sex shops. Women aren’t allowed down the side street where sex workers pose in the windows, so I have no pictures. Sorry.

Another part of the waterfront near the fish market

I took a ferryboat ride right before I left.

This picture does not do the Hamburg skyline justice. Nor does it convey the biting cold of the open-air ferry.

Apologies for the lack of analysis/commentary, but I am still recovering from an early flight and a carb-induced food coma. I wish I’d had more time in Hamburg, but I really enjoyed what I did see. We spent all of Thursday travelling through Hamburg on bikes, which I must insist is one of the best ways to see a city, provided it is relatively flat. Anyway, perhaps I will elaborate later, but expect a post about Munich tomorrow.


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