More Tar Heel Love

I just spent a glorious day with Rachel Namm, who decided to stay in a hotel only five minutes from mine to ensure maximum bonding time. She is such a sweet, thoughtful lady and we shared quite a few enlightening conversations. Rachel is an expert on the health care reform bill (she would modestly argue otherwise, but she really is), so I learned even more about the good policy decision made by a little over half of our government.

We also share a mutual love of food, but let’s be honest–I’m only friends with perpetually hungry people. London has also been pretending to have nice weather; today was shockingly sunny, hence the sunglasses and the uber-European shorts-and-tights combination. I only have two more months to look this ridiculous. I’ll just be posting pictures ’cause I’m tuckered out and must sleep in preparation for an all-nighter at Stansted Airport on Tuesday night.

Kensington Gardens, where Princess Diana used to roam


The memorial fountain for Princess Diana

The Serpentine in Hyde Park

Finally! Platform 9 and 3/4, a la Harry Potter.

Obligatory food porn

Brick Lane on a Sunday is a food lover's paradise, we learned.

This moment was captured after we ate a sandwich and a cupcake, but before we ate spring rolls, a samosa, a bagel with lox, juice drinks, and bizarre Indian sweets.

This drink was unnervingly green, but refreshing nonetheless. Kiwi!


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