In Two Months’ Time

It’s official. Exactly two months until I come home. Mark your calendars.

I don’t like to think about that day, so I won’t. Because it means leaving a world that I am only now beginning to appreciate and understand. And when I return to a world that I once understood (and still greatly appreciate), it will have changed, and my place in it will have changed, too. Maybe, hopefully, we’ve changed at the same rate and we still make sense together. Co-evolution.

It’s like in school, where every year we switched rooms and the chairs got a little bigger and the desks a little higher to accommodate us. My greatest fear is that my legs will no longer fit properly under the desk.

Or, worse still, that I can no longer reach the pencil sharpener.


4 responses to “In Two Months’ Time

  1. Jeanne Simpson

    I’ve marked my calendar. The time has flown by and I’m still envious of your adventure. So, did you get your 2 essays done? Have fun on your upcoming trips…..J

  2. Nope…your room looks just the way you left it. Everything in its place. : ) Unless you had a Lewis Caroll adventure, your knees should still fit under your desk and your head through the door.

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