My Happy Place

My cozy study nook

My personalized & adorned bookshelf

My absolute happiest place--those are my new pillowcases


6 responses to “My Happy Place

  1. Hooray! That cookie picture of us is so funny. We will need to re-create it, cookies included, next spring or summer to get the four-years-later version (post-college rather than post-high school). Eek!

  2. OMG! It’s amazing! I ADORE your place!! Now I want cookies in your house as soon as possible! 😛

    Also, is that your cat I see in one of the pictures? Because if it is, it’s weirdly similar to mine.

  3. It’s a she, but yes, black and white, a little like a tuxedo. Her nose is black, though. 🙂

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