Democrats Abroad

Tonight we celebrated health care reform at The Texas Embassy, a Tex-Mex, Americana-style restaurant.

Story of my life: There were no cute young professional males. Oh, but someone still bought me a drink. A lovely woman named Judy who is in her 70s and undoubtedly wealthier than I. She’s a psychotherapist.

And then there’s Jody, my other new friend, who is also in her 70s. She likes to talk about her ex-husbands. Her business card prominently features two pictures, one with Prince Charles and one with Bill Clinton. Together with my landlady, we drank margaritas and discussed men. I was really more of an information absorber than sharer. Mary told me to make sure I find someone who expands my horizons, not diminishes them. Another item to add to the checklist.

If you average out the ages of all of my friends here, you get someone nearing retirement. Which makes sense, really, since I also go to bed early, have a bad back and very vocal joints, and like to wear purple.


5 responses to “Democrats Abroad

  1. You should stop hanging out so much with wealthy, healthy old people. It will raise your expectations of EVERYTHING and God knows your expectations for life and men are already high enough. lol

    You’re starting to remind me of that PostSecret postcard that said: “I’m afraid life won’t be as exciting as I want it to be”. Not that you’ve vocalised this, but fear of not “getting there” always comes associated with expectations.

  2. And I’m very, very sure they are awesome. How could they not be? It’s quite a victory to get to such old age still being cool and strong and not whiny. 🙂

  3. That is hilarious. You definitely are one for adopting additional moms/grandmas. Can’t wait to learn from your aged wisdom this summer 🙂

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