Party of One

One week from now, I’ll be packing for Germany. Thank goodness, ’cause, boy, do I need a vacation. I refuse to think about the one paper I must finish and the other paper I must start/finish before then…

My laptop came back today. Besides the obvious hole in the box where somebody attempted to remove my computer without my permission, it seems to be in good health. Oh, and I no longer have Microsoft Office Suite. But other than that, perfect-o. So easy to write and footnote a paper without Word.

If you need me, I’ll be throwing a little pity party in my kitchen, where I’ll be stressing out and eating my feelings.

But I’m in London. So there’s that, at least.


One response to “Party of One

  1. Have fun in Germany and say hey to Norbert for the rest of us.

    P.S. I think your mouse was trying to escape from the cardboard box.: )

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