Sin on Sunday

For whatever reason, this Applelicious MacBook Pro isn’t allowing me to upload pictures. (Tech support, anyone?)

Which is a tragedy, because I went to the London Chocolate Festival today and indulged in a delicious cup of beef and rice topped with mole, followed by a fudge brownie sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Shameful, yet divine. And I have pictorial evidence of my sins.

There were free samples everywhere. There were demonstrations featuring brownie tastings and ganache gurus. There were baked goods. There were chocolate fountains. The level of chocolate worship made me feel like such a female.

Based on the number of women there, I have to wonder if the festival polled doctors beforehand to learn when the majority of us would be premenstrual.


4 responses to “Sin on Sunday

  1. Yum. That sounds delicious. Can you save me some chocolate?

  2. Haha indeed it was female heaven this festival! Did you taste the handmade chocolate paste? it is my little pleasure every morning now to start the day with a good thing!

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