“Be Stupid” Is Stupid

I really, really dislike this ad campaign. Some of the ideas are clever, but the ad below really bothers me, for obvious reasons.


  • In this case, “stupid” clearly doesn’t have (the) balls, as demonstrated by this woman’s decision to overtly reveal two of her distinctly feminine anatomical features.
  • If having “the balls” to do something is meant to incite admiration, what makes this particular life choice so admirable? It’s not like she’s trying to eradicate the social stigmas associated with breasts or serve as a spokesperson for breastfeeding or anything remotely revolutionary.
  • On a similar note–Seriously, breast portrayal? Do breasts always have to be sexualized and/or employed solely for shock value?
  • Then, most offensively in my mind, there’s the disturbing implication that having courage requires male body parts. Considering that discrimination against women is still rampant throughout the world, I would argue that we must possess even greater courage in overcoming that adversity.
  • Further: Stupid has the balls. Woman has the period and the womb and the patience to carry around the future of the human race (and more future stupids) for nine months. But I digress.

Stupid must literally have had balls to create such a sexist ad campaign.

Also, is this campaign only in Europe? I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed it in other parts of the world.


2 responses to ““Be Stupid” Is Stupid

  1. Most DEFINITELY only a Europe thing. Stuff like this makes me not want to be associated with journalism/advertising ever again, but every agency needs a voice of reason, right?

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