Religious Experiences

Last night I went to St. Paul’s for a choir performance of “The Passion of Our Lord According to St. John.” The church is beautiful, and hearing the choir’s powerful, emotive voices reverberating off the cloisters and delicately painted ceilings was the closest I’ll ever come to a Christian religious experience. Enjoying Christmas presents and Easter candy does not count, and in the event of Rapture, I think I’d request a rain check. I’m quite enjoying my time here.

Also, thanks to the fact that the verses were performed in English (holler at the Church of England for shunning Latin!) and written out in my program, I learned about the crucifixion and the resurrection for the first time. Ever. I mean it. The story is fascinating. A real lesson in mob mentality and self-sacrifice.

Nondenominational Christian children’s Bibles aren’t so keen on describing brutal murders, which is why I had previously missed the lesson. Blood clashes with the gilt pages. They much prefer stories about charming little boats full of surprisingly tame animals and colorful outerwear that incites jealousy.

Evidence of my personal religious study and generous education of the lil' ones

Speaking of religious experiences, today I received my loaner Mac and got a tour of the London Google office. The former serves as the realization of a dream that I’ve clung to since the first apocalyptic episode with my PC. The latter I never even dared to dream about, even after years of Google homepage devotion. IT WAS SO COOL. Unfortunately, my first job must now achieve even higher standards of excellence. I want a break room that serves mineral water on tap, stocks endless candy and ice cream, and offers a comfy hammock. A cruise ship without the ocean, essentially.

As you can imagine, these new and unfamiliar experiences proved exhausting. My delicious, phlegmy cough returned with a vengeance today in protest of my busy and unusual schedule. I guess you could say that I’m all God-ed and techie-ed out for the moment. We all know that in neither of those areas lie my strong suits, considering that I lost my religion REM-style quite a while back and that my laptop is headed back to Scotland tomorrow due to my status as an accidental Luddite. Thus, I must say goodnight. At least I excel at sleeping.


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