When Health Care Reforms

It hasn’t yet, really. But today was a nice first step.

(I won’t go into a diatribe about how we’re still taking a reactive approach to health care rather than proactively investing in better health education and sustainable agricultural practices. Nor how much money we’ll still be throwing at pharmaceutical companies. Nor how frustrated I am about the many concessions that were made or the bipartisanship that defines our government and practically rendered this bill defunct.)

No, let’s not get into that today. Today is about appreciating a landmark decision, a decision that hopefully sets the stage for future health care reform, just as Medicare and Medicaid did for this one. Today, for once, felt like a pretty great day to be an American in a foreign country.

I imagine it felt even better to be in America. Tell me, was there a palpable change in the atmosphere? Was there a little bit of weight lifted off people’s shoulders? I hope so.

The news was so not a big deal here. Government-run medicine feels a lot less like Communism in Europe, apparently. Just this once, I wanted to congregate with other Americans and celebrate our small victory.

A firsthand account of a European’s reaction to the bill’s passage:

Why wouldn’t it pass?

Ah, my thoughts exactly. I wonder if my roots in the U.S. don’t extend deep enough to understand Americans’ aversion to health care reform. Maybe my family is still just too European. It sure would explain a lot.


3 responses to “When Health Care Reforms

  1. Lack of wing nuts?

    • Oh, they’ve got their share of nuts. The key word there being “share.” I think the land of the free and individualistic has forgotten how.

  2. Well said! I could not agree more! My history professor wanted to know why Americans are so afraid of the word ‘socialism’. Sigh, hopefully this deal turns out well.

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