Moore Questions

I’ve been watching too many Michael Moore movies, I think. (Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine, specifically.) Moore is sometimes a little too melodramatic and pessimistic for me, but man can he make an impact. The kind that raises valid questions about America’s future (especially for someone who already spends a lot of time dwelling on such things).

One question that’s really nagging me at the moment: Why do we spend so much money protecting our country and so little money improving it?

The only other institution I can think of that contains such a wealth of problems yet guards itself so heavily is a prison, or perhaps a mental institution.

Which brings me to another nagging question: By attempting to keep the perceived “bad guys” out, have we imprisoned ourselves within an even more dangerous system?

Just the sort of thoughts I know you all want to consider as you enter your Fridays.


2 responses to “Moore Questions

  1. Have you seen Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11? It is extremely interesting!

    As for you questions, I have considered your first one. To me, it essentially comes down to this point: I know in America I can purse any dream I want to without major barriers like government laws. I can have as many kids as I want, join a circus if I want, speak out against a politician, the opportunities are endless. In my opinion, that is what we are protecting. Our political system, economic thoughts (mostly referring to the use of the Fed), and the gap between the rich and poor show some of our faults because we are by no means perfect as you mentioned. I’m not saying we shouldn’t spend more money on improving our country. It just helps me sleep at night to thinking that we are protecting our opportunities and not our faulted systems.

    • I know exactly what you’re saying. I suppose my primary concern is that if we close ourselves off too much, then we lose all of the diverse influences that made our country great to begin with.

      But I promise, I’m not as worried as I sound. I love the good ‘ole US of A. And you for responding so eloquently to my questions.

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