I was just looking at my old Xanga entries, as I often do, and discovered this gem from March 2005–5 years ago. I’d been complaining on my blog a few days earlier about the lack of dating prospects at Apex High School and my potentially unattainable standards and how I was so over high school (yes, only 1.5 years in). My, how little I’ve changed, except that I’m so not over college. Anyway, Barbara’s response still gives me the same hope and amusement as it did back then:

Oh meggie. Your entry is all too true. Besides, just wait for the day when you’re sitting at a coffee shop at university writing up your next A+ writing when a 6’2 guy walk in and orders a glass of milk. There won’t be any seats left, so he asks if he can sit with you and you two can share your milk together.

He’ll play the guitar and be emo-fabulous. He’ll be wearing a ‘taking back sunday’ t-shirt and talk about how he hates coffee and hydrogenated oils. And how he misses his mom’s healthy cooking. He’ll talk about how much he loves cats even though he’s embarrassed to admit it. And that in high school, he admits to playing sims, as well.

He’ll be perfect for you meggie, we just have to wait for the crackhead, screwed up high school phase to be over…

…then you can have your very own Dexter.
– Barbara Adams

Not sure how that scenario is relevant to my current life in another country where Taking Back Sunday is significantly less appreciated, but the sentiment remains. I have my whole life to find the guy. I’m lucky enough to have already found the friends.

And, because now I’m getting all gooey and nostalgic and will probably spend the next two hours looking at old photos:

Bee & Me, Spring Break 2007

13 years of friendship and still going strong.

And while I’m at it, I’d like to send some love to all of my dear friends–some of whom have known me since elementary school. Looking back through these old pictures, I can’t imagine why you all didn’t avoid me during that bowl haircut phase or after I threatened the popular playground girls/Spice Girl wannabes that they’d be dealing with some pretty hefty copyright violations were they ever to record their noise. Yes, you loved me despite my nerdy tendencies and aversions to overprocessed foods.

None of us are the people we once were (though I still don’t drink coffee or eat anything containing hydrogenated oils), but I find comfort in knowing that as we’ve evolved, we’ve grown more into one another. So much like a good pair of jeans that I’m finally understanding how The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants could be feasible. While we’ve yet to find a similar pair of magical pants with which I can send my love, please except this blog post as a token of my appreciation.

You know who you are. Please know that you always will be.


3 responses to “Priorities

  1. Reading this post makes me both happy and sad — all at the same time! Sad because it makes me miss you that much more, but I have to admit the Sims part still made me laugh out loud. (No one will ever appreciate that game as much as we did!) I don’t have Skype (only iChat) but I will look into it so we can chat!

    Love you lots and thank you for a very sweet post. I hope you know the feeling is mutual. 🙂

    P.S. 13 years of friendship…since we have are we old enough to have friendships in the teens!?

  2. Oh, and p.s. I still think that guy (yes, the one I detailed back in 2005) still exists for you! With some alterations and new attributes, of course, including: a secret love of crafts, an appreciation for baking (in his own “masculine” way), the ability to be witty but humble, an outstanding palette for great wine, a liking for girls with M names who have friends named Barbara, an obsession with the Beatles and most importantly…a British accent. 😉

    • Skype is free–and basically the same as iChat. And I love your new-and-improved version of my ideal man. SO ACCURATE.

      And if he doesn’t exist, I’m reassured that I can always live in a spare bedroom at your future home and be crazy auntie Meghan with three cats.

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