Happy Mother’s Day from the UK

Senior Prom

Because the British just have to be different, today is Mother’s Day in jolly ole England. There’s never a bad time to celebrate ones mother, though, so I’d like to send a little blog love to my mom.

Not only did she give birth to me, but she’s also put up with me for over 21 years. She read to me every night before I went to sleep and made me clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kids and took me to ballet lessons. She instilled in me a love of good food and transcribed my first short stories before I could write and gave birth to boy-girl twins after I wished for them. She did arts ‘n’ crafts with me and dressed me in the best homemade Halloween costumes and carted me around town in my pre-license years.

And there’s the present. She offers the best advice and hugs and cooks my favorite meals when I come home and still does arts ‘n’ crafts with me. She takes care of me when I’m sick and sends encouragement and shares my love of Nordstrom. She competes with me in cupcake competitions and meets me at the Carrboro Farmers Market just to spend some time together and constantly inspires me to be a strong and independent woman.

What I admire most about mothers, however, is that after they invest all of that time and love into you, they somehow find the strength to let you go.

When I think of everything my mother has given me, I have to ask myself why I left her for five months. Mom, I miss you. I love you more than words could describe.


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day from the UK

  1. I read it and now I am all teared up. What a wonderful tribute. All I can say is thanks…it has been a pleasure for me for all of those 21 years.

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