Disconnected In London

Remember how I was caught in a downpour on a journey to the library, but decided to embrace the situation because “everything’s better” in London?

Addendum: Getting caught in the rain, being lost, and running late in London are all a little better on this side of the pond due to the setting in which they occur. Witnessing ones computer die without the benefit of Carolina’s Computer Repair Center, however, is definitely not better in London, regardless of the charming city backdrop.

Wednesday morning, my laptop opted to show me the blue screen of death rather than my log-in screen.

It is now en route  to Scotland while I write from a borrowed computer. Thus, I will not be updating much for the next “5 to 6 working days from original receipt of machine at Service Centre” plus return time. So don’t expect me back anytime soon.

In the meantime, I’ll do the computing equivalent of couch surfing.

And hopefully about a week from now, my laptop will return to me as-good-as-new and, ideally, sporting some tartan plaid. (Lenovo, please pack some Walkers shortbread in the box, too.)


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