I finally saw a musical here. For that matter, I finally saw a West End performance, period. It took me long enough.

I first heard about Wicked when I was in 8th grade since my friend was absolutely obsessed with the soundtrack before the show even premiered.

After approximately 7 years of wondering, my questions were answered at last. So worth the £20, if only to hear “Defying Gravity” and “Popular.”

What should I see next? Any recommendations?


5 responses to “Wicked

  1. howd you get those tix? That would be worth seeing!!

  2. So I totally jumped on your bandwagon and have tickets for Thursday night! 😀

  3. Thrilled you enjoyed it. I’ll be going on May 1st to DPAC. I can’t wait, especially now that you have confirmed how good it is.

  4. I’m considering seeing Avenue Q again, either this month or before the end of the Erasmus adventure. Believe me, you and your sense of humour… You will LOVE it! You’ll sing and dance with me down the streets, even if your singing is dreadful. ahah So go see it! 😛

    Other than that… I don’t really like Lion King, the Disney movie, so the musical didn’t have much effect on me (but the costumes and the sceneries are amazing). I absolutely HATED The Phantom of the Opera (ugh! how so very wrong are ALL human relations in that stupid sample of playwriting!). Legally Blonde is great fun, with catchy music! ^^ And if you’re lucky enough, you get lottery tickets for 10£.

    I’d also like to see Billy Elliot and Les Miserables, so I’m waiting for Ludivine – she’s the theatre master. x)

    Also, the lady playing Elphaba wasn’t in her best yesterday (and well, I’ve seen her 4 times, so I should know :P). I don’t have many complaints about her singing, but her acting was way over the top. Don’t understand what happened there.

    Geez, do I ever stop talking?

  5. Thanks to acknowledge that I’m the theatre master!! i’mvery proud!!
    Avenue Q again: totally!!!

    And if you wanna see “regular” theatre (as in not a musical), you shouldgo tothe National Theatre see the Habit of Art, it’s really funny (and you have two actors from Harry Potter!)

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