Finally. I’ve planned my first trip off the island. (Although it doesn’t actually take place until April.)

I feel rather unoriginal, returning to the country where I first set foot in Europe. But Germany, after all, is basically my family’s homeland. So the decision makes sense. The Nutella-filled pastries I ate last time also offer a compelling argument for coming back again.

I’ll be staying with my cousin Andre for a few days in Hamburg, then taking the train down to Munich. Here’s where I get a little crazy:

I’m staying with my great, great cousin Norbert and his wife. I’ve never met the man, but he has my cousin’s endorsement. As if that wasn’t enough, and if you weren’t reading closely, his name is Norbert. Like the endearing-but-dangerous dragon in Harry Potter. Based on our email correspondence, I can safely say that this Norbert is only the former.

Other travel suggestions are accepted. Bear in mind that I have little time and no money.


9 responses to “Booked

  1. Jeanne Simpson

    Now, wait….half of your genes (on your dad’s side) are from England, with a little German and Irish thrown in, but mostly English. Bob and I loved Germany, especially the beer and the beer halls. One of our best friends in New Paltz was a man named Norbert Boehm and his wife, Helen.
    So, have fun and keep safe….love, jeanne

  2. Barbara (Bee!)

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention in this entry that Thursday, March 4, was also National Grammar Day. I thought of you.

    • It’s not a national holiday over here 😦

      But I’m sorry I missed it… Just like every day is Valentine’s Day for people in love, every day is National Grammar Day for people with OCD.

  3. Sounds awesome, I’m positive you will have many blog worthy stories to tell afterwards haha

  4. NUTELLA!!!!! AND PASTRIES THAT CONTAIN IT!!!! that sounds like the best part haha

  5. So you decided to head back to Germany, eh? Germany has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, I don’t blame you. And Munich is lovely. =) Visit all the beer gardens and the parks (the most famous park has a nudist side, how thoughtful of them! though I guess you can only notice that during Summer :P) and try and take a tour guide around the city, it is worth it – if you’re not hungry, that is. ^^ Also, take an afternoon to visit Dachau, it will remind you of what’s important, of how fragile everything is… Well, I did bother to go there, but I’m weirdly fascinated by everything WWII. Ah, and you HAVE TO go to the Neuschwanstein Castle!! It’s about 2 hours outside Munich and the castle inside is not that special, but my God, the atmosphere!! The surroundings! The landscapes! GAH! You’ll feel the magic, trust me.

    And in other news, aka travel suggestions, you still have a place to stay in Portugal, if you decide to give it a try. Reasons:

    – cheap flights? Check.
    – cheap lifestyle? Check.
    – place to stay (in more than one part of the country)? Check.
    – great food, including pastries and desserts? Check.
    – good weather, dozens of miles of beach coasts? Check.
    – centuries of history and culture? Check.

    And, as you are most definitely aware, awesome company? Check. 😉

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