Now & Later

If there is a God, He’s trying to speak to me through iTunes, using Dire Straits as His messenger of choice.

“Why Worry Now?” He asks.

Well, Almighty, Allah, Creator, The Divine Being Who Invented Strawberries & Nutella, I worry now so I can worry about something else later. And while every resolution I’ve ever made involved a bit about discontinuing the relentless destruction of my nail beds and focusing on present successes rather than future possibilities/failures, I cannot remain resolved.

I worry about my ability to stick to my resolutions, to survive seven journalism classes to graduate on time next year, to finish an honors thesis I actually want my name on, to afford the good food to which I’m accustomed, to see as much of the world as possible, to live and work a moral life.

Some people set timelines. I set aside days where I can send freak-out emails to people from various areas of my personal and professional life. Today served as an excellent example.


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