Miss America: Part 8

I miss:

food labels that reveal additional nutritional information. A lot of the labels here don’t break down the amounts of different nutrients. And when one is as sick as I currently am (I sound like Nicole Kidman at the end of Moulin Rouge and look far worse), I want to be able to easily find a British counterpart to Odwalla’s Citrus C-Monster with its 1000% daily recommended value of Vitamin C and cold-fighting power. But no such luck.

I don’t miss:

food standards. ‘Cause if you haven’t been reading this whole time, they’re significantly better. No HFCS or hydrogenated oils in sight. Europe is not into genetic modification, either. My friend Anna told me that in Austria, people trust the quality of the meat in McDonald’s hamburgers even more than the meat they buy in supermarkets because the restaurant has to meet such rigorous guidelines. Shocking.


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