Developing a Bad Habit

So Sunday night got me curious about whether celebrities are constantly cruising about London being famous and waiting for me to take pictures of them. Obviously, they are.

Tomorrow night is the London premiere of Alice in Wonderland, or, A Movie Starring Johnny Depp. Guess who’s going? I’m packing extra batteries for my camera now. I hope the lighting’s better than the other night after the BAFTAs.

Even though he looks like this in the movie...

I hope he looks more like this tomorrow night. Ah, inspiration.

On semi-related note, I saw A Single Man tonight. I wish I had seen it before I saw Colin Firth in person on Sunday, because I would’ve worked that much harder to get a good picture of him. He’s so talented. And, okay, attractive as well.


One response to “Developing a Bad Habit

  1. Wow, Johnny Depp! He is one of my favorites. Please try to get a pic and post it…even better if you can get him hugging you! I like Colin Firth as well, and will try to go see his movie, and I’ve already got plans to see Johnny in “Alice in Wonderland”.
    Have Fun! Jeanne

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