Stairway to Nowhere

I know I came here to study, first and foremost. But I would just like to say that despite my best efforts, I cannot fall in love with my London university like I have with UNC. My friends are great, the city is amazing, my internship is rewarding. My school is getting on my nerves.

I’ll offer another list as a means of explanation:

  • There are no transitions between classes. None. So that means I get out of my two-hour 9 a.m. class at 11 a.m. and am expected to be in my 11 a.m. class at 11 a.m. Since those classes are conveniently located on opposite sides of campus and I cannot apparate, I am perpetually late.
  • Further, this school is an absolute maze. The campus consists of a series of old hotels and a tube station that were later connected to demonstrate engineering at its most inefficient. I cannot tell you how many times a day I climb up one flight of stairs, walk down a hallway, then climb back down another flight of stairs. Good for cardio, bad for my patience.
  • The only computer labs are often reserved for classes and are thus impossible to access. Which means I cannot print for a significant part of the day, even if I have an assignment due. Also, making copies involves a tedious process requiring the purchase of a £3 copy pass that isn’t actually sold on campus.
  • Each class is only once a week, for one hour (each course involves one seminar and one lecture). While that time constraint might sound like a blessing, it’s frustrating to focus on the material so briefly. And there’s no chance for a sense of class camaraderie to develop.
  • More on the camaraderie issue–my campus lacks it. I’m not sure if the nature of city universities causes them to be more disconnected, but I wish there was an equivalent to the student union or The Pit. The only sense of community that exists is within societies. So glad I joined Erasmus!
  • Although my professors are great people, overall I feel like I’m just a number (or several numbers, since the school felt it necessary to assign us about four different numbers, each serving a different log-in purpose). I find it difficult to devote any energy to a school that generally doesn’t return the favor.

This picture of a stairway to nowhere in one building on my campus best portrays my current feelings on the university.


3 responses to “Stairway to Nowhere

  1. Preach!!!

  2. I so feel in the lack of class camaraderie… It’s almost impossible to make friends on class, unless you happen to know someone from before and then you become closer because you are in a class together.

    Thank God for Erasmus indeed!

  3. Yes that is so right… I managed to make so american friends in my lectures though (yeah yeah Americans are the coolest!)

    I love the pictures it is just great!

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