Miss America: Part 7

I miss:

clubs that primarily play predictable top 40 hits. I like dancing to songs that make up in bass and autotuning what they lack in talent. OKAY?! I admit it! This European techno business is just not my scene. I cannot abide mainstream music outside of the club, but so help me God, I confess: I would rather listen to Miley Cyrus singing about partying in the U.S.A. than this. Enough said.

I don’t miss:

country music. Absolutely not at all.

More on the clubbing scene tomorrow. As a side note, this evening I saw Dustin Hoffman, Colin Firth, and the lead actress from Precious. Apparently I just missed Kate Winslet and James Cameron. The quality of the pictures I took as proof makes them unworthy of posting, but I just thought you should know. Sometimes, I just love living in the city.


3 responses to “Miss America: Part 7

  1. jealousy is pouring out of my veins.

  2. Wow! Where did you see them? You must go to the right places! I think that actress’ name is Gabrielle Sidobay (sp?).

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