I wish I was familiar with more celebrities on both sides of the pond, if only so I could recognize them on the streets and take a picture for my more celeb-aware friends to appreciate. And so I could brag about it later, etc.

Apparently I don’t have to leave my Porsche-and-BMW-lined street to find these famous people, either. Because a member of Coldplay lives a few flats down from me. Unfortunately, my landlady is unsure about which one of the talented bunch resides here, but I am determined to memorize the specific musculature of each band member’s face so I’ll know ’em when I see ’em.

Also, there are two Ladies in The Mansions next door. (They’re called The Mansions plural, but really it’s just one giant, foreboding building with a pretentious name–simply The Mansions.) As in, these women are married to Lords. So that’s fun.

The man who lives below me is a member of the Guinness family. Yes, that Guinness family. And his ex-wife is a famous handbag designer.

I can’t wait until they say, “Did you know Meghan used to live on this street?” My star status will make the blue door behind which I currently reside even more famous than the (previously) blue door of Notting Hill fame. I bet I’ll make the community newsletter and everything!


6 responses to “Not-So-Starry-Eyed

  1. You’re famous in my book 🙂 Thinking of you…

  2. We’re gonna need to meet said member of Coldplay, mainly because my sister is their biggest fan ever and she would flip out if I even touched their mailbox.

  3. ..and I’ll be able to say that ‘Meghan P. is my niece and I am so proud of her’ and then we’ll both be in “People Magazine”! I like Chris, is it Robinson? of Coldplay and he’s married to Gwyneth… so look for her, too.

    • Nope, not Chris Robinson, unfortunately! A less famous one! Those two live in another posh area of London…

      And I would be happy to have you join me on the cover of People Magazine!

  4. I agree with Anne! You are already famous to me! If you see that Coldplay guy, tell him I said their music is awesome.

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