Miss America: Part 6

I miss:

my friends and family, of course. I would never have made it out here without the support of those I left behind. You all constantly remind me why I want to be here and, likewise, remind me why I want to go back 114 days from now. (I’m not counting down. I just checked out of curiosity.)

I don’t miss:

that feeling of wanting to burst out of my comfortable bubble, to challenge what I know about life. While not burst, consider that bubble greatly expanded to accommodate all that I’ve learned and observed. I’m finally understanding the world beyond the eastern seaboard, if only a little.  I doubt I’ll return completely enlightened, but I like this knowing.


One response to “Miss America: Part 6

  1. We miss you too, although we appreciate the mind broadening experiences you are experiencing beyond the embracing arms of family. One that note…our love comes to you across the pond on Valentine’s Day and always.

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