When Retail Therapy Is Not

I’ve gone shopping twice in the past three days… and made my very first retail purchases (outside of groceries and books).

I felt as though I needed at least one European item of clothing, so I finally committed to a clutch and a pink (!) skirt.

Thursday, I visited Westfield, which is the largest urban shopping mall in Europe. Not bad. And not too busy, thanks to its overwhelming appearance and many high-end stores anxiously waiting for the economy to improve. Of course, I didn’t even bother to enter any of those. I opted for the cheapest stores with the student discounts.

Today, I went to Oxford Street, which was a mistake. Its basically the shopping mecca of London, and apparently all of London and its visitors decided to make the trek out there at the same time that I did. I should’ve just made a beeline for H&M, then hightailed it home. Instead, I spent hours queuing to try on clothes and bumping into slow-paced old women with fur coats.

Even more painful, though, was my mental conversion of prices, from pounds to dollars. Ouch.


2 responses to “When Retail Therapy Is Not

  1. Hi, Happy V. Day….did you get my card?
    Glad you’re doing some retail therapy. Did you know there’s an H&M coming to Crabtree Valley Mall this spring sometime? The thing I liked about shopping in the UK was that the price includes the tax, so the price listed is the price you pay. I’d love to see you in your pink skirt, holding the clutch.

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