Learning Abroad

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
– attributed to Mark Twain

I have, admittedly, not done a lot of studying while I’ve been here.  I take for granted that most of my classes are of the American Studies variety, implying that I already know a bit more about our lessons than my classmates (or so I’d like to think). Also, I only have each class once a week, significantly decreasing my ability to establish an interest in the coursework.

Anyway, I have decided that studying abroad is an inaccurate portrayal of what I’m actually meant to do here. Or, for that matter, I’ve decided that UNC encourages students to study abroad for reasons extending far beyond the opportunity to study out of ones comfort zone.

Studying abroad sounds like I’ve come to London to take notes based on lectures taught by people with foreign accents and read in libraries that were built before America became its own country.

Learning abroad is a more apt description. Not one day has passed that I haven’t learned a valuable lesson about life, about the world, about myself. Yet many have passed without me successfully researching for projects and getting caught up on reading.

Thus, school has become rather secondary, though I promise I’m not neglecting my work. I just have this sneaky feeling that I can learn a lot more from spending my days exploring the city and my nights soaking up wisdom from my landlady.


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