Authentically English

As promised, I’m working more on being a travel writer and less on being a writer of diatribes. I finally got to experience a few “typical” English towns this weekend, and words can’t really do them justice, anyway. Nor can my low-quality pictures, but they’re better than nothing.

So here’s my weekend, in pictures and captions:


Pub built in the 1600s(ish)

Where Shakepeare's big house was before someone wrecked it.

The Swan Theatre

Pretty river landscape near the theatre

The church in which Shakespeare is buried

Shakespeare placed a curse on his grave so no one would mess with his bones.

The birthplace of William Shakespeare

In front of the Bard's house!

Pubbin' it at The Dirty Duck.

The Cotswolds: Chipping Camden

A real thatched roof and fire hazard

English towns are pretty wild on Sunday afternoons.

The Cotswolds: Bourton-on-the-Water

A creek runs through the center of town... what a postcard.

We also went through a real English maze. I was impressed.

And there you have it.


One response to “Authentically English

  1. Pretty pictures!

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