Formula Fed America

My lovely fellow EATSer alerted me to the existence of this new documentary about formula feeding versus breastfeeding. It’s called Formula Fed America. I have high hopes.

Note to self: watch within one week of returning the U.S. Hopefully it’ll offer some relevant information for my thesis.

In case you’re looking for an in-depth disparagement of American infant feeding culture as compared to that of Europe, I unfortunately don’t have time to offer that comparison tonight. My research thus far indicates, however, that the U.K. is facing similar issues with childhood obesity and overweight along with a slew of other diet and lifestyle-related health problems. So rest assured that we’re not alone. But my research by no means reflects the entirety of Europe and the rest of the world, of course, since I’m only writing about the U.S. As the trailer indicates, 99% of women successfully breastfeed in Sweden.

Still, maternity leave (and paternity leave) is way more generous in Europe, the U.K. included. Did you know that America and Australia are the only two industrialized nations that don’t provide paid leave for mothers nationally? And Australia, at least, offers 12 months of job-protected leave. (Read more here.)

I’ve been stewing over this topic for days, so perhaps I’ll have a more cohesive post tomorrow. As always, I’m left with the feeling that something has to change, and wondering how I can help change it.


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