Confessions for Month One

Actually, I only have one confession regarding my first month in London. I’m shamelessly honest on this blog in general, so I’m not sure this entry is part one of a series, or part one of one. But here goes:

I have, in fact, been on a date since I arrived here. Two weeks ago, in fact. Boy and I met on that epic vodka bar night and went out two days later.

I believe my intimidating use of words like “disconcerting” and “serendipitous” partially contributed to a lack of follow-up phone call, as did my awesomely loud American nature and inability to allow for more than thirty seconds of silence. I cannot possibly date anyone who doesn’t find me charmingly gregarious and doesn’t have a Facebook account, anyway. I still thought you should know. I’m also recording the event for posterity’s sake and, admittedly, bragging rights.

Why, you ask, do I deserve to brag? Because I went on a date with a royal guard. The kind who stands around wearing a bear hat and red coat, not smiling and protecting the Queen of England.

This picture is not of him.

So yeah, you might say I’m proud of myself. If going on a date with a royal guard is not an authentic English experience, I don’t know what is.


9 responses to “Confessions for Month One

  1. You are my hero. I hope to one day follow in your footsteps.


  3. The hat was irresistible. Admit it.

  4. you should definitely date one of the royalty now haha

  5. Did he wear his hat on the date? Wheres the full disclosure??

  6. Your work there is done. You may come home at any time, with just that story and have enough!

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