First Day

Classes started today. I’m not sure I’ll ever fully recover from the irony of taking American Studies courses in England. (But hey, isn’t there that argument about not knowing where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from?)

My classmate and I tried to find copies of Leaves of Grass and The Crucible at approximately seven different bookstores on Charing Cross. Apparently anti-American sentiments extend beyond the visa application to the shelves of the bookstore. Yet the whole time we were in one store, Neil Diamond singing “Soolaimon” reminded me that it’s a selective and rather unpredictable process.

Most infuriating, I think, was arriving at my rescheduled Travel Writing course to discover that the newly-created section of the course was made just for study abroad students. So I’m in a class consisting entirely of American students. Which  is the exact opposite of how I had intended to study while in another country.

I still have two more courses to begin, however. Thursday will be judgment day.


3 responses to “First Day

  1. Good luck with your classes…at least it will be a way to meet new friends, albeit American friends.
    Saw Adam Lambert on Oprah today…it was amazing. I think you can go to her website to see his performance. Which reminds me, do you have his CD? I’m unable to play my
    I-Pod in my new car (even though it should work), so would like the CD (no rush though).

  2. Hey kiddo. It sounds as though you are having a great time. The hat in the telephone booth photo was quite stylish. A gift from someone special, perhaps?

    Glad to hear you were able to “sandwich” your classes so you could maximize your ability to get out and about in London. Enjoy!

  3. At least travel writing is a very interesting subject! We are learning about Geothe in my history class but all I can think of him is that he was a travel writer. Can’t wait to hear about your British American Studies class.

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