Another Week Away

Classes don’t start until next Monday. So basically, I arrived 1.5 weeks early. No worries though, because I begin my internship tomorrow. Always something to do!

A recap of events:

  • decided I needed more than two classes, and signed up for two more. Sigh. At least they’re primarily about America, a country I would like to think I know a bit about.
  • visited the Victoria & Albert Museum and Portobello Market. Someday I’ll include some more pictures.
  • still friendless, but with prospects. Fabulous landlady not included. In fact, if she’s my only friend this semester I don’t know that I would be all that upset.
  • went grocery-shopping. Ate fish and chips. Perceptions of Britain’s food altered completely. Elaboration to come.
  • watched nearly two seasons of this hilarious British show called “The Inbetweeners.” It’s sickeningly funny. Primarily sick, though.

That’s all for now. Some time this week, I’m going to go out and behave like the ridiculous young adult that I am supposed to be. Or maybe I’ll go out multiple times. Woo. My unpredictability astounds me.


4 responses to “Another Week Away

  1. Hi,
    Glad you’re finding British food better than blah. As I told you, Bob and I liked it a lot, esp. the fish and chips. Was it served in newspaper?Be sure to try the clotted cream and go have “high tea” some afternoon around 3pm…lots of goodies, like small sandwiches and yummy little desserts. Good luck with all the classes…have fun learning. Auntie Jeanne

  2. Hi, Meghan. It sounds like you’re settling in beautifully. Carly and I are looking forward to hearing about Peppercom. Please say hi to Carl and Zara (if she’s back from maternity leave).
    I’m glad to hear you made it to S. Ken. I lived at 8 Thurloe Square (the Tube tracks run behind the flat!). Zetland Arms is a great pub to check out if you’re in the area again. Louise

  3. mmmmmmm fish and chips. I want to hear about the FOOD because that’s all I can think/dream about nowadays.

  4. These were considerably “high class” fish and chips, as I will explain in an upcoming post devoted to British food.

    Louise: I’ll email you two in the next few days about my internship. All is well!

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