Miss America: Part 1

No, I’m not devoting a post to the likes of unworthy peroxide blondes like Carrie Prejean. Rather, I’ve decided to devote one post each Sunday to America: one thing I miss, and one thing I don’t. While bigoted, big-breasted idiots would fit into the latter category, I have chosen another woman who uses other forms of smoke and mirrors to detract from her complete lack of knowledge about anything substantial. But I digress. Because there really are some things I miss about America. For example:

I miss:

American friendliness. See this New York Times article for details.

The British are definitely more reserved, although I’ve already been called “lovey” countless times by elderly men. I know I’m a stranger here, but anywhere in the U.S. I feel like I could strike up a conversation with someone and probably be able to discuss a topic slightly more fascinating than the weather. I miss sharing my favorite recipes with people in line at the grocery store and being approached by random people telling me they like my boots. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that you exist in a world outside of yourself.

I don’t miss:

American ignorance. See this video.

The clip speaks for itself, really. Sarah Palin supporters are downright embarrassing. The people who endorse her know almost nothing about the woman they worship as though she is the Statue of Liberty, personified. (I get the impression that these same people would hardly agree with “The New Colossus” words the statue bears.) The British not only know a lot more about their country and the politicians running it, but the emphasis on world events extends beyond world events that affect Great Britain directly. Their journalism is significantly less selfish.


2 responses to “Miss America: Part 1

  1. It’s because of those people that I cannot wait to leave for awhile.

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