The Year in Review

It’s appropriate, I think, to begin this blog with an ending. And in the tradition I had with my previous blog, to mimic The Daily Tar Heel‘s “The Year in Review” issue. But significantly more brief.

We began the year with hope in the form of President Obama’s inauguration, and a snow day to boot. That historic event was followed by another basketball NCAA championship; I’m glad I witnessed one in my time here at UNC. I visited Europe for the first time over spring break. I found food studies. Throughout, of course, there were still the concerts and the farm tours and the hours spent talking with my best friends. The epic and the everyday intertwined to create an amazingly transformative semester. Then, there was LeaderShape.

I lived on yet another hill this summer during my two months in D.C, gallivanting  around historic Georgetown and discussing political journalism on Capitol Hill. My first substantial amount of time in a big city, I fell even more utterly and completely in love with The District. I experienced an incredible amount of culture, from weaving my way through Eastern Market to eating Ethiopian food sans utensils to seeing a musical at The Kennedy Center. Most importantly, I met some of the most fascinating people, all of whom I miss dearly.

This semester was my hardest yet. I imagine that my feelings primarily were symptoms of withdrawal from my new friends and my old roommate. I felt removed from the life that surrounded me, like that one scene in Garden State where Andrew Largeman is sitting stoically on a plane as passengers move rapidly around him. I felt stagnant. Thank goodness for my family, my friends, and my favorite class.

Looking back, it’s been a charmed year. I’ve experienced so much. Next year promises even more blessings.

I leave for London, England in 25 days. I’ll be a 12 hour, $1000 plane ride away from everyone I’ve ever known to live in a place where I know no one. I’m slightly overwhelmed, to say the least. I’ll be spending the next few weeks applying for my visa, earning money, and packing. And saying goodbye. Then hello all over again.

Hello, hello. I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.


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